Below are a number of Ongoing MBA scholarships for international students offered through the generosity of individuals and companies.  Most scholarships are awarded in the summer for the following academic year.  The scholarship value varies according to the scholarship, qualifications of the recipient, and the number of eligible applicants.  To be eligible to apply for scholarships, applicants must pursue a degree in a program offered within the college.

MBA scholarships are generally divided into two categories: need-based and merit-based.  Merit scholarships are awarded to students based on their accomplishments, for example those with exceptional GMAT scores, strong university performance, or leadership experience.  MBA scholarships are awarded on the basis of need based on students’ financial needs, often with the hope of attracting a more diverse group of MBA participants.  This is important because learning from peers is the mantra for the MBA.

  Why go for MBA?

The MBA is one of the most sought after programs in the world.  MBA and newcomers interested in a business major prefer the MBA.  The Master of Business Administration does not mean that one can only specialize in Business Administration.  But it provides specialization in various professional fields of business such as production and marketing, operational and financial research, planning, etc.

Nowadays, a degree in management has become an important part of career growth.  Since management education is most desired worldwide, it is the dream course that many students are planning.  As some aspirants are unable to meet the financial requirements of this degree program.  Today, many universities and organizations offer various scholarships to encourage students who are competent, intelligent, and in need to make them an MBA degree.

  What is the average tuition fee for an MBA?

The cost of an MBA education can range from $ 35,000 to over $ 100.00 for high-profile business schools.  However, this price will inevitably differ depending on the MBA school rankings, whether it is a public or private institution, the number of scholarships and grants you receive, and more.  Keep in mind that the tuition fee rate advertised to the school does not necessarily mean that it is the amount you will eventually pay.  This price does not cover the cost of books, supplies, transportation, or room and food.

If you receive scholarships, grants, or financial aid, you may be able to lower what you pay for your MBA fees.  Explore these MBA financing alternatives by applying for as many scholarships and scholarships as possible.

Ongoing MBA scholarships for international students in 2021

•        TY Danjuma MBA Scholarship for African Students to Study at Leading Business Schools

The TY Danjuma MBA Scholarships provides financial support to African graduate students who have been accepted into MBA programs at the world’s top 10 leading business schools.


•        Stockholm School of Economics MBA Scholarships for International Students

This MBA scholarship is awarded to a Swedish or international student and covers the full cost of an Executive MBA program from the Stockholm School of Economics.  The scholarship is sponsored by, Dagens industri and Stockholm School of Economics.


•        INSEAD Olam MBA Scholarships for sub-Saharan Africa Students

Olam recognizes the need to strengthen leadership and governance in Sub-Saharan Africa by supporting ambitious and able students to pursue higher education in centers of international excellence.  Through the INSEAD MBA Scholarship and Olam mentoring, OLAM hopes to play our part in developing the necessary skills and knowledge in a select group of highly talented change agents.


•        Erasmus University MBA Scholarships for International Students

Erasmus University Rotterdam School of Management is offering scholarships for international students to study in a full-time MBA program.


•        University of Birmingham African MBA Scholarships for African Students 

The African MBA Scholarship is a full-fee scholarship (£ 25,950) funded in part by a private donor with commitment to Africa and part of the university.


•        University of Stirling Leadership for Sustainable Futures 

The MBA fellowships for sustainable future contracts are valued at £ 4,000 each and will be awarded to high-caliber students of any nationality with 3 years or more work experience to join the MBA at Stirling.


•        MBA Emerging Economies Leader for Social Change Scholarship at University of Stirling 

The Emerging Economies Leader MBA Scholarship for Social Change has a value of £ 10,000 and will be awarded to a highly-qualified international student with 3 years or more work experience enrolling in the Stirling MBA program.


•        ALU School of Business MBA Scholarship for African Students 

The Chairman’s Scholarship for Excellence in Business Leadership seeks to honor business leadership in the private or public sector by recognizing young business leaders with a proven track record of leadership in the workplace and in their communities.


•        Exeter MBA Emerging Global Leader Scholarship for International Students 

Exeter University Business School will offer up to five scholarships of £ 15,000 each, which will be awarded to incoming MBA students.


•        Fondation Rainbow Bridge MBA Scholarships for Women from Africa and Asia – France

The Fondation Rainbow Bridge Scholarship is available for women from Asian or African countries affected by natural disasters, drought or famine to study for an MBA degree.


•        SDA Bocconi School of Management MBA Scholarships for African Students – Italy

Supporting students and alumni is the foundation on which SDA Bocconi is laying the foundation for awarding scholarships to promising young leaders of the future who will act as role models and contribute to driving global changes starting from the semester and ending with a new career path.


•        Victor H Loewenstein MBA Scholarship for International Students – Scotland

The Victor H. Loewenstein Scholarship is awarded to one student in a full-time MBA program at the University of Edinburgh who is from outside the United Kingdom.


•        Curtin University MBA Scholarship for International Students – Australia

The International MBA Scholarships for Students was developed by Curtin Graduate School of Business to encourage and support students who have chosen to study Master of Business Administration (MBA) as full-time students at Curtin Graduate School of Business (CGSB).




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